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Yesterday was dubbed my rest/cheat day
for the week.
It was MUCH needed.

Now, onto the rest of the week! :)
I may, or may not, regret not having a rest day
on the weekend..but that is what I chose.
So, we will see. ;)

Getting out of bed was no problem this morning.
I got up, got the kids together and then...
the elliptical. BAH! I hate working out.
It really is not something I enjoy, yet.
When I am done I feel great, but during it I want to just CRY!!
So, I jumped on and knocked out 30 minutes at a 
moderate pace. Taking it a bit easy today,
but if I am full throttle all of the time..
I burn out so quickly! If I pace myself, 
I last a lot longer.

So, here is to a happy and healthy weekend!


When you fall,
YOU have to pick yourself up.
Do not rely on others to do so!

I cheated on my meal plan last night
with popcorn, goldfish crackers,
& a peanut butter sandwich.
(At least it wasn't the Maverik run 
for 4 candybars!!!)
I woke up tired and late.
I was awnry and wanted to stay in bed
& not workout.
I wanted my husband to get up, take care
of the kids, and do the chores..
because that is what I thought
would make me feel better.
I was depending on him to make me happy.
No! No! No!
Bad Caroline! ;)

I dragged myself out of bed,
fed the baby,
threw on the workout clothes,
& hit the elliptical!
And you know what...I feel so much better!!!

I am glad I am realizing that I have to make me happy.
I cannot depend on ANYONE to do so for me!

Here is to a happy and healthy day!
I hope you all are happy, too!


I have made other goals besides my eating and working out
since I have started this second journey.
This time around, I wake up before 9 am
& to bed before 11 pm.
I use to sleep until 10 am & go to bed 
at about 1 am! It was making me so
I wake up with energy, now!
When I wake up, I put on my workout clothes!
It gets me in the mood to workout 
and eat right! 
It's like I have a uniform on!
If you have an apron on, you want to cook.
Same with workout clothes!

I also am striving to be a better mom and wife.
I want to be the best I can be to them 
since they give me so much and expect
none in return!

I am up and in my wo clothes,
drinking the first 32 ounces of the day,
and ready to hit the elliptical!
Have a great Saturday, all! :)


No cheating on my new meal plan occurred yesterday!!
And that, for me, is a BIG one to accomplish!
I am finally overcoming my emotional eating.
And that makes me know I can do this...again.

I enjoyed swim class very much
& the workout this morning was hard, 
but so refreshing when I was done.

A good friend of mine posted these to a 
fitness group I follow on Facebook:

I kept remembering them while I pushed 
through my workout this morning.
They are so true though.
Sometimes I find myself sitting on the couch
for TWENTY MINUTES wondering
if I should workout or not...
I could have been done by the time I was
done deciding!!

Working out with two kids is hard...
but if there is a WILL there is a WAY!
Find it! :)

Have a happy & healthy day!
I am off to eat my breakfast,
1/2 cup of oatmeal & 1 egg + 3 egg whites..


So far, so good!
The meal plan, found here, is awesome!
I love that my food is decided and prepared
ahead of time!
It makes it so I don't have to decide
"healthy food or PIZZA!?"
And I like that!

I have not felt deprived in any way
and I have resisted temptation.
(Which is a biggy for me!)

I have swim class tonight
and tomorrow is elliptical in the morning!
iTunes has become my best friend.
LOTS of uplifting music to push me along!

I also made a motivation board!
Pictures of me at my skinniest after baby #1
& motivating quotes!
Pinned that sucker to the FRIDGE!! :)

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and well!


I am following a plan.
A workout plan and meal plan.
Let's see how this works. Kay? :)
You can find ALL the details of this plan here.
(Intro to the plan, meal plan, grocery list,
recipes, workouts, tips, a restaurant map,
a supplement guide, & lots of help and encouragemen!)

What is great about this plan, to me,
is that I picked from a list of foods
what I want to eat.
I chose:
*PROTEIN- eggs, boneless skinless chicken breasts,
lean ground turkey, & tilapia.
(I am in the process of choosing a
protein powder as well.)
*FIBROUS VEGGIES- spinach, broccoli, 
bell peppers, & cucumbers.
*COMPLEX/STARCHY CARB- old fashioned oatmeal, 
whole wheat bread, & brown rice.
*HEALTHY FATS- peanut butter, olive oil,
almonds, & avocado.
*FRUIT- apples, blueberries, & strawberries.
*BEVERAGES- water, almond milk, & Mio flavor bottles.
*CONDIMENTS- balsamic vinegar, salsa, mustard,
Mrs. Dash seasonings, cinnamon, 
unsweetened cocoa powder, &stevia.
*VITAMINS- fish oil, multivitamin, & prenatals.
--you can find the meal schedule/plan
that I am following here.--
I do have to increase SOME of the portions
since I am nursing and need to have 500 
more calories than the average person. :)

Then, it has workouts for if you access to weights
(like at a gym)
and for if you don't.
(That's me!)
So, my workouts consist of trading off between
an upper bodyweight workout, a lower bodyweight workout,
& HIIT on my elliptical.
I chose Sunday as my rest day.
--you can find the workout plans here.

My last post baby weight loss journey consisted
of JUST cardio on my elliptical.
I want to see if this weight training is all
that it is cracked up to be!
So, here we go. 
Tomorrow is the beginning of something new.

Ps...the website has SO much info
and she posts almost daily about new things.
(That is what all the pictures on the home page are.
Click on them! They lead you to a post!
You do have to have an account to read those, though.)

Thanks for following, again. 
I do like knowing I have some kind of accountability with you.


I am grateful for the small following 
that I have on here.
It lets me know that I have others 
who find my journey
at least a tad bit interesting. :)

I have come across some great blogs 
while going through this and 
my last baby weight loss journey.
Here are just a few:

Check out her 'MTLC Groceries' link.
AMAZING and to the point!

McKenna Gordon, thee green smoothie queen,
always knows the answer to your questions!
A true health and fitness guru!

Alicia Girardeau, a true Southern Bell!
Amazing blog on her own journey and she 
is always willing to answer your questions.
Love this lady!

These are just my top go to sites.
I will post others along the way.

I hope you are all doing well!
My hubby just got home from another trip
and has informed me that he is going to start working 
out and eating right with me!
I am very grateful for a husband that
can keep my on track and be such a good example!
Remember to surround yourself with people
that push you forward, not hold you back!